Rohit Sharma's Acknowledgment of Long Journey

Rohit Sharma reflected on his long cricket journey since 2007 and expressed pride in the team's clear goals and achievements

Praise for Yashasvi Jaiswal's Talent

 Sharma commended Jaiswal's talent and impressive range of shots, highlighting his successful transition from Test cricket to T20Is​

Shivam Dube's Powerful Performance

Dube was lauded by Sharma for his powerful batting, especially against spinners, and for playing two crucial innings for India​

Team's Successful Strategy Execution

Sharma appreciated the team's ability to execute their game plans effectively, contributing to their wins

Jaiswal's and Dube's Impactful Innings

Their impressive batting, including Jaiswal's 68 off 34 and Dube's unbeaten 63 off 32, was crucial in India's victory

Team's Comprehensive Approach

The Indian skipper emphasized that the team had almost 'ticked every box' in their matches, indicating a well-rounded performance

Jaiswal's Growth in International Cricket

Sharma pointed out Jaiswal's growth and capabilities, having played both Test and T20I cricket successfully

Dube's Role Clarity and Execution

Sharma noted Dube's clear understanding of his role in the team and his effective execution of it, especially in handling spin bowling​

Sharma's Personal Milestone

Sharma also reflected on his personal journey, marking his 150th T20I game, despite a recent performance dip

Team's Consistent Performance

The praise came in the context of India's series win over Afghanistan, with Sharma highlighting the consistent team performance