New Role for Smith

Steve Smith took on the role of opener in Tests for Australia, replacing David Warner, who retired from Test cricket

First Time as Opener

This was the first time Smith opened in Test cricket, having spent his career primarily in the middle order

Cummins' Observation

Australian captain Pat Cummins noted Smith's excitement and energy about the new challenge, marking a significant change in his illustrious career​

Strategy Shift

Smith planned to score runs at a faster pace as an opener, contrasting with his usual approach in the middle order

Strong Record Against West Indies

Smith has an impressive record against the West Indies, with an average of 150.40 in Tests, including a top score of 200 not out

Team Composition

To accommodate Smith as an opener, Australia made strategic changes, including Cameron Green batting at two-drop

Character and Willingness

 His willingness to take on this challenging role was seen as a testament to his character and commitment to the team's success

Potential Benefits

Former Australian captain Aaron Finch believed this change could reinvigorate Smith's Test career​

Tactical Advantage

Opening could potentially help Smith avoid certain negative bowling tactics used against him in recent years, like short-pitched bowling

Team Line-up

The Australian playing XI included Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne, Cameron Green, and others, with three debutants in the West Indies team​