Chinnaswamy Stadium IPL Records: The Complete Details

The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, located in the heart of Bangalore, Karnataka, is not just a cricket venue but a landmark in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This article presents a detailed view into the Chinnaswamy stadium IPL records, highlighting the significance of this iconic ground in the IPL saga.

Chinnaswamy Stadium: A Brief History

M Chinnaswamy Stadium

  • Establishment: Established in the 1960s, the stadium has transformed into a cricketing hub in South India.
  • IPL Inauguration: It gained prominence on the IPL map hosting the very first IPL match on April 18, 2008, between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).
  • Capacity: One of India’s largest cricket stadiums, it can accommodate around 40,000 spectators.

Chinnaswamy Stadium IPL Records: Complete Details

  • Total Matches: The stadium has hosted 89 IPL matches, a proof of its popularity and significance.
  • Wins Breakdown: Of these matches, the team batting first has won 37 times, while teams chasing have triumphed on 46 occasions, with 6 matches yielding no result.

Pitch and Playing Conditions

  • Pitch Nature: Known for being batting-friendly, the pitch at Chinnaswamy Stadium favors high-scoring games. The relatively short boundaries add to the excitement, making it a favorite among batters.
  • Pacers vs Spinners: While pacers can find some help in the initial overs, the pitch generally tends to favor batsmen as the game progresses. Spinners have also enjoyed success here.

Record-Breaking Performances

  • Highest Team Score: The stadium witnessed the highest IPL team score of 263 by RCB against Pune Warriors in 2013, a record for the tournament.
  • Lowest Team Score: RCB also holds the record for the lowest score at this venue, being bowled out for 82 against KKR in the first-ever IPL match.

Leading Players at Chinnaswamy Stadium

  • Top Run Scorers:

    1. Virat Kohli: 2599 runs
    2. AB de Villiers: 1973 runs
    3. Chris Gayle: 1563 runs.
  • Top Wicket Takers:

    1. Yuzvendra Chahal: 52 wickets
    2. Zaheer Khan: 28 wickets
    3. R. Vinay Kumar: 27 wickets.

Notable Individual Performances

  • Highest Individual Scores: Chris Gayle’s 175* in 2013 and Brendon McCullum’s 158 in 2008 are etched in IPL lore.
  • Best Bowling Figures: Samuel Badree’s 4 for 9 in 2017 and Ashish Nehra’s 4 for 10 in 2015 highlight the pitch’s occasional assistance to bowlers.

Chinnaswamy Stadium Statistical Highlights of IPL

Boundary Counts and Wicket Fallen by Type

  • Boundaries: The stadium has witnessed a total of 1880 boundaries, comprising 674 sixes and 1206 fours.
  • Wickets by Type:
    • Caught: 340
    • Bowled: 91
    • LBW: 27
    • Stumped: 11
    • Run Out: 51.

Wickets by Bowling Style

  • Fast Bowlers: 59 wickets
  • Fast-Medium Bowlers: 171 wickets
  • Medium Bowlers: 24 wickets
  • Slow Bowlers: 102 wickets.

Run Chasing at Chinnaswamy

  • Highest IPL Score in Second Innings: 218
  • Overall Runs Scored in Second Innings: 12,764 runs from 8,972 balls delivered, averaging 150.16 runs per match with a strike rate of 142.2.


Unique Aspects of Chinnaswamy Stadium in IPL

Chinnaswamy Stadium is renowned for its electric atmosphere, largely attributed to its passionate fan base. The ground’s compact size and high altitude facilitate higher scores and thrilling chases, making it a spectacle for T20 cricket.

Impactful Matches and Team Performances

  • Dominant Teams: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), the home team, has had a mixed record at this venue, exemplifying the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket.
  • Memorable Matches: High-scoring encounters, like RCB’s record 263-run innings, are etched in IPL history. Equally, the stadium has seen low totals, highlighting the pitch’s variability.

Analyzing the Pitch and Playing Conditions

  • Pitch Report: The pitch generally assists batsmen, but occasional assistance to pacers at the start of the innings offers a balanced contest.
  • Strategy: Teams often opt to chase, considering the dew factor and history of successful run chases.

Last Words

The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, with its rich history and record-breaking performances, remains a jewel in the crown of the IPL. Its contribution to the league’s success is unparalleled, making it a favorite venue for players and fans alike.

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