top 10 highest powerplay score in ipl history

Top 10 Highest Powerplay Scores in IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned for its thrilling matches and record-breaking performances. One of the most exciting aspects of IPL games is the powerplay – the first six overs of an innings where only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. This article focuses on the top 10 highest powerplay scores in IPL, a key metric for understanding a team’s aggressive approach in the early stages of an innings.

Understanding Powerplay in IPL

Before delving into the records, it’s crucial to understand what powerplay is in the context of the IPL. The powerplay overs are the first six overs of an innings, during which fielding restrictions are in place – only two fielders can be outside the inner circle. This presents an opportunity for batsmen to score big but also poses a risk of losing wickets due to the aggressive approach.

Top 10 Highest Powerplay Scores in IPL

Now, let’s look at the highest powerplay scores in IPL history, a testament to the explosive batting and strategic acumen of the teams.

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (2017) – 105/0

KKR set the highest powerplay score in IPL history against RCB in 2017. Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn opened with an unprecedented assault on the bowling, reaching 105/0. This explosive start was a perfect blend of aggression and tactical brilliance, setting the stage for a massive total.

Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab (2014) – 100/2

CSK’s powerplay performance against KXIP in 2014 was a spectacle of aggressive cricket. Dwayne Smith and Faf du Plessis unleashed a barrage of strokes to reach a powerplay score of 100/2. This early onslaught laid the groundwork for a high-scoring encounter.

Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians (2015) – 90/0

In another impressive display, CSK dominated MI in the powerplay, racing to 90/0. This performance underlined CSK’s strategy of taking the game away from the opposition in the early overs.

Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Rajasthan Royals (2011) – 87/2

Kochi Tuskers Kerala, a team that had a brief stint in the IPL, showcased their batting prowess against RR. Led by Brendon McCullum’s explosive batting, KTK reached 87/2 in the powerplay, setting a challenging total for the opposition.

Punjab Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (2014) – 86/1

The then Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) displayed a remarkable chase against SRH, thanks to the aggressive starts by Manan Vohra and Wriddhiman Saha. Their powerplay score of 86/1 set the tone for a successful chase.

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals (2018) – 84/0

MI’s 84/0 against DC in the powerplay was a testament to their strong batting lineup. The solid opening partnership provided a platform for a competitive total, showcasing the importance of a good start in T20 cricket.

Deccan Chargers vs Delhi Daredevils (2009) – 84/1

Adam Gilchrist’s whirlwind innings for DC against DD led to an 84/1 score in the powerplay. This aggressive start was key in chasing down the target, with Gilchrist’s batting being the highlight.

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians (2021) – 83/1

SRH’s 83/1 against MI in the powerplay was a display of calculated aggression, setting up a solid foundation for the innings and highlighting the team’s approach to maximizing the initial overs.

Punjab Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (2022) – 83/1

PBKS’s strategy against RCB in 2022 saw them reach 83/1 in the powerplay. The explosive start by their openers, including a rapid knock by Jonny Bairstow, was crucial in building a substantial total.

Delhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings (2022) – 81/0

DC’s powerplay score of 81/0 against PBKS showcased their ability to capitalize on the field restrictions early on. This strong start was instrumental in setting up a significant total.


Each of these scores not only reflects the teams’ batting prowess but also highlights how crucial the powerplay can be in setting the tone for the rest of the innings. Teams that score heavily in the powerplay often gain a psychological edge and momentum that can be decisive in T20 cricket, especially in a high-stakes tournament like the IPL.

Impact of High Powerplay Scores

High powerplay scores can significantly impact the outcome of the match. Teams scoring high in the powerplay often set up a big total or chase down targets more comfortably. It’s a strategy that has been employed successfully by many teams in the IPL, as demonstrated by these top scores.

Key Strategies in High-Scoring Powerplays

  1. Aggressive Opening Partnership: The teams with the highest powerplay scores usually have an aggressive opening partnership. These pairs often take calculated risks to maximize scoring in the fielding-restricted overs.
  2. Capitalizing on Field Restrictions: During powerplay overs, with only two fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle, teams strategize to exploit the gaps in the field and score boundaries.
  3. Early Momentum: High scores in the powerplay set the tone for the innings, giving the batting team early momentum and putting pressure on the bowling side.

Notable Player Performances

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders (105/0 vs RCB, 2017): Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn’s explosive partnership is a prime example of aggressive batting. Narine’s 54 off 17 balls and Lynn’s 50 off 22 balls showcased exceptional hitting.
  2. Chennai Super Kings (100/2 vs KXIP, 2014): Dwayne Smith and Faf Du Plessis played pivotal roles in reaching a century in the powerplay, setting a strong foundation for the innings.
  3. Mumbai Indians (84/0 vs DC, 2018): The opening pair of Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis provided a flying start, demonstrating the importance of a solid opening in T20 cricket.

Match Impact of High Powerplay Scores

Teams scoring high in the powerplay often gain a psychological advantage. These scores can demoralize the bowling team and change the dynamics of the game. High powerplay scores are often associated with big totals or successful chases, highlighting the strategic importance of the first six overs in T20 cricket.

Last Words

The highest powerplay score in IPL is more than just a number; it represents a combination of aggressive batting, strategic planning, and the ability to capitalize on the opportunities presented in the early overs. The top 10 scores reflect not only the batsmanship but also the evolving nature of T20 cricket, where taking calculated risks in the powerplay can lead to significant advantages.

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