rohit and rinku in double super over - India vs Afghanistan T20

IND vs AFG T20: After IPL, 2nd Double Super Over in Cricket History!

In an electrifying display of cricket, the India vs Afghanistan T20 match held in Bengaluru on January 17, 2024, will be remembered for its unprecedented double super over finish. This article looks into the details of this match and explores the significance of double super overs in IPL and cricket history, while adhering to the rules that govern such rare occurrences.

India’s Remarkable Recovery and Rohit Sharma’s Heroics

Rohit Sharma double super over

The match began with India struggling at 22/4, but Captain Rohit Sharma’s unbeaten 121 off 69 balls, paired with Rinku Singh’s 69 off 39, propelled India to a challenging total of 212. Afghanistan’s response was equally valiant, with significant contributions from Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Mohammad Nabi, pushing the game into the super over phase.

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The Super Over Saga

In a twist of fate, the first super over also ended in a tie, leading to a second super over, a rarity in cricket’s history. Rohit Sharma’s presence in the second super over, despite an earlier injury, added to the drama. India eventually emerged victorious, showcasing their resilience and depth in the T20 format.

Double Super Over in Cricket

The occurrence of a double super over is an exceptional event in cricket, first introduced in the IPL. The concept of a super over in cricket is used to break ties in limited-overs matches. However, a double super over is an even rarer event. It occurs when the first super over also ends in a tie, necessitating a second super over to decide the match. This high-pressure situation tests the mettle of the best players and provides an adrenaline rush for spectators.

Double Super Over in IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen its fair share of super overs, but double super overs are a rarity. One of the most notable instances occurred in a match between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians in 2020. The match, tied at the end of the regular overs, went into a super over, which also ended in a tie, leading to a second super over. This match is remembered as one of the most exciting in IPL history.

Rohit Sharma batted 3 times in today’s match between India and Afghanistan and he had also batted 3 times in the IPL match in 2020 between KXIP and Mumbai Indians which witnessed double super overs.

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Double Super Over Rules

The rules for a double super over are straightforward. If the first super over ends in a tie, a second super over is played. The teams cannot use the same bowler or the batsmen dismissed in the first super over. This rule adds a strategic element to the game, as teams must plan for the possibility of a second super over.

Last Words

This match between India and Afghanistan, with its double super over finish, not only adds a glorious chapter to cricket history but also underscores the unpredictable and thrilling nature of the sport. It serves as a testament to the spirit of cricket, where every ball can turn the game on its head, and every player has a chance to become a hero.

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