Jasprit Bumrah's IPL salary

Jasprit Bumrah’s IPL salary: A Deep Look into His IPL Earnings

Jasprit Bumrah, a name synonymous with fast bowling brilliance in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has established himself as a cornerstone of the Mumbai Indians. This article goes deep into the details of Jasprit Bumrah’s IPL salary, exploring how it reflects his invaluable contribution to his team and the league.

Jasprit Bumrah’s IPL Salary Evolution

Jasprit Bumrah’s IPL salary has increased substantially over the years, showcasing his growing importance in the team. As of 2023, his salary stands at a remarkable INR 12 crores per season. This impressive sum is indicative of his skills and the high regard in which he is held by the Mumbai Indians. To understand his financial journey in the IPL, let’s look at the year-wise breakdown:

  • 2023: INR 120 million
  • 2021 – 2020: INR 70 million annually
  • 2017 – 2016: INR 12 million annually
  • 2013: INR 1 million

The gradual increase in his salary over the years is a testament to his consistent performance and the trust placed in him by the Mumbai Indians management.

Career Earnings and Rankings

Cumulatively, Jasprit Bumrah has earned over INR 329 million from the IPL. This figure not only speaks volumes about his cricketing abilities but also places him among the highest-paid cricketers in the league. His Impact Rank, Value for Money Rank, and IPL Rank further reinforce his status as a top-tier player in the league.

The Role of Bumrah in Mumbai Indians

Bumrah’s journey with the Mumbai Indians has been one of mutual growth and success. His evolving role as a key bowler has been critical in shaping the team’s fortunes. Known for his pace, accuracy, and ability to deliver under pressure, Bumrah’s salary is a reflection of his indispensable role in the team.

Statistical Analysis

  • Wickets: Bumrah’s wicket-taking ability has been a major factor in his salary hike.
  • Economy Rate: His impressive economy rate in T20 cricket is indicative of his control and effectiveness.

Bumrah’s Salary Comparison with Other IPL Players

When it comes to the Indian Premier League, the salaries of players are often a hot topic of discussion, reflecting not only their on-field prowess but also their marketability. Jasprit Bumrah, with his IPL salary of INR 12 crores for the 2023 season, stands among the elite in terms of earnings. Let’s look into how his salary compares with other top IPL players.

Top Earners in IPL

  • Virat Kohli: One of the highest-paid players, Kohli was retained by the Royal Challengers Bangalore for a massive INR 15 crores.
  • MS Dhoni: The iconic captain of Chennai Super Kings, Dhoni’s salary has been consistently high, reported to be around INR 12 crores, similar to Bumrah’s.
  • Rohit Sharma: The Mumbai Indians captain, Sharma also commands a salary of INR 15 crores, reflecting his value to the team.
  • Ben Stokes: International players like Ben Stokes have also been in the top bracket, with Stokes earning around INR 12.5 crores.

This comparison shows that Bumrah’s salary is in line with the top tier of IPL players, highlighting his importance as a bowler in a league often dominated by batsmen and all-rounders.

Bumrah’s Salary Contextualized

  • Bowlers vs Batsmen: In the IPL, batsmen and all-rounders tend to attract higher salaries. Bumrah, as a specialist bowler, earning as much as top batsmen and all-rounders, is a rarity and underlines his exceptional talent.
  • International vs Domestic Players: Bumrah’s salary is also competitive when compared with top international players, indicating the IPL’s recognition of domestic talent.

Beyond IPL: Bumrah’s Salary from Other Formats

Jasprit Bumrah’s earnings extend beyond the IPL, with significant contributions coming from his engagements in other formats for the Indian national team.

BCCI Contract and Match Fees

  • Annual BCCI Contract: Bumrah is categorized under the A+ grade in the BCCI’s central contracts, which guarantees him an annual salary of INR 7 crores.
  • Match Fees: He also earns match fees for every international game he plays – INR 15 lakh for a Test, INR 6 lakh for an ODI, and INR 3 lakh for a T20I.

Comparison with International Earnings

  • England and Australia: Top players from countries like England and Australia also have lucrative central contracts. For instance, England’s central contract for Test players can be around GBP 650,000, while Australian cricketers can earn upwards of AUD 2 million including match fees.
  • Bumrah’s Standing: Bumrah’s earnings from the BCCI place him on a competitive footing internationally, especially considering the high value of IPL contracts.

Impact of T20 Leagues Globally

  • Other T20 Leagues: Players often participate in other T20 leagues around the world. While Bumrah primarily plays in the IPL, top players participating in leagues like the Big Bash or the Caribbean Premier League also command significant salaries.
  • Global Marketability: Bumrah’s IPL salary and BCCI earnings reflect his marketability and value as a global cricketing star.

The Business Aspect of Bumrah’s Salary

Bumrah’s salary also reflects the business aspect of cricket, especially in a league like the IPL where player valuations are crucial. His brand value, both on and off the field, contributes to his high salary, making him not just a key player, but also a valuable asset for brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Jasprit Bumrah’s IPL salary is likely to see further increments, provided his performance remains consistent. As the IPL evolves, with increasing viewership and revenue, player salaries, especially those of marquee players like Bumrah, are expected to rise.

Last Words

Jasprit Bumrah’s IPL salary is a strong indicator of his value to the Mumbai Indians and the IPL at large. It encapsulates his journey from a promising young talent to a leading figure in world cricket. As he continues to excel on the cricket field, his financial rewards are likely to grow, further cementing his status as one of the premier fast bowlers in the world.

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