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What Happens if It rains in IPL Final? Here is The Detailed Answer

The Indian Premier League (IPL), known for its thrilling cricket matches, often encounters an unpredictable factor: rain. The concern about rain in the IPL final is legitimate, as it can significantly affect the outcome of these high-stakes games. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the rules and implications of rain in the IPL final.

The Basic Rules Followed When it Rains in IPL Final

Extra Time for Playoffs and Final

In the IPL, additional time is allocated to handle potential disruptions. This includes an extra 120 minutes for each playoff match. This extra time is crucial in providing flexibility and the possibility to wait out short periods of rain without immediately reducing the number of overs.

Latest Start Times

The IPL stipulates the latest times by which matches can start without reducing the number of overs. For playoffs, this is as late as 9.40 PM, and for the final, it’s 10.10 PM. This rule ensures that there is a sufficient window to complete the match on the same day, even if there are delays.

Reserve Day for the Final

The IPL final has the unique provision of a reserve day. This means if the final cannot be completed on the scheduled day, it is moved to the next day. This reserve day is an essential contingency to ensure the final’s completion, considering its significance.

Reduced Overs Matches

In the event of significant delays, the match can be shortened. The rules allow for a reduction in the number of overs, with each team having the opportunity to bat for at least 5 overs. The cutoff for starting a 5-over-per-side match for the final is set at 12.26 AM.


Scenarios Involving Rain Disruption in IPL

Complete Washout Scenario

If the final cannot be played on either the original day or the reserve day due to rain, the winner is decided based on the league stage standings. The team that finished higher in the league stage is declared the champion. This rule was put into place to ensure a definitive outcome for the tournament, even in the worst-case scenario of a complete washout.

Partial Matches and Continuation on Reserve Day

If the final starts but cannot be completed on the scheduled day due to rain, the match resumes on the reserve day from the point where it was stopped. This continuation ensures that the efforts put in by the teams before the disruption are not negated and that the match reaches a logical conclusion.

Super Over in Case of Limited Play

In extraordinary situations where even a 5-over match cannot be scheduled, the IPL rules allow for a Super Over to determine the winner, provided the weather conditions permit. This is an exciting provision that keeps the spirit of competition alive, even in highly truncated scenarios.

Importance of Weather Reports

Weather reports play a crucial role in planning and strategizing for potential rain disruptions. For example, scattered thunderstorms forecast in Kolkata during the GT-RR encounter in IPL 2023 required teams and organizers to be prepared for possible disruptions.

Last Words

Rain in IPL finals poses unique challenges and requires a robust set of rules to ensure a fair outcome. The IPL’s contingency plans, including reserve days and provisions for reduced overs or Super Overs, demonstrate a well-thought-out approach to dealing with such natural interruptions. Fans, teams, and organizers alike must stay informed about these regulations to fully appreciate the complexities of rain-affected matches in this prestigious tournament.

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