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Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium IPL Records: The Complete Stats

The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, a significant venue in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has witnessed numerous high-profile matches, including thrilling finishes and record-breaking performances. This article provides a detailed examination of the IPL records at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, offering insights into its batting records, bowling records, pitch conditions, notable matches, and extraordinary performances by teams and individual players.

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Overview

  • Location and History: Situated in Uppal, Hyderabad, the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, also known as RGIC Stadium, was built in 2004 and named after the former Indian Prime Minister.
  • Seating Capacity: With a capacity of approximately 55,000 spectators, it is one of the largest cricket stadiums in India.
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad: The stadium serves as the home ground for the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) team in the IPL.

Pitch and Playing Conditions

Pitch Report:

  • Nature: Batting-friendly, conducive to high scores, with an average first innings score of 158.6​.
  • Bowling Dynamics: Pacers average 26.9, spinners average over 32, indicating a slight edge for pace bowling in the venue​​.

Tactical Preferences:

  • Chasing Teams: Teams batting second have a higher win rate. In IPL 2023, 38 out of 67 games won by teams batting second.
  • Toss Decisions: Teams winning the toss often choose to bowl first, considering the track record of successful chases.

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium IPL Records

Match Records:

  • Total Matches: Over 70 IPL matches hosted, with 31 wins for teams batting first and 39 for teams batting second​.

Batting Records

Team Performances:

  • Highest Team Total: 231/2 by SRH against RCB in IPL 2019, propelled by centuries from Jonny Bairstow and David Warner​.
  • Lowest Team Total: 80 by Delhi Capitals (formerly Delhi Daredevils) against SRH​.

Individual Achievements:

  • Highest Individual Score: David Warner’s 126 against KKR in 2017, the highest at this venue​.
  • Top Run Scorers: Warner leads with 1602 runs, followed by Shikhar Dhawan (1378 runs) and Kane Williamson (508 runs).

Scoring Trends (2023):

  • Average Runs: 335.71 per match, indicative of high-scoring games.
  • Wicket Analysis: 80 wickets taken (28 by left-arm and 52 by right-arm bowlers), with bowled and caught being the most common dismissals.

Bowling Records

Outstanding Performances:

Leading Wicket-Takers:

  • Top Bowler: Bhuvneshwar Kumar, with 36 wickets, known for his consistent swing bowling​.

Bowling Trends:

  • Bowling Strike Rates: Average strike rate of 19.42 and average bowling figures of 25.93 at the stadium.
  • Right vs. Left-Arm Bowlers: Right-arm bowlers have taken 600 wickets, while left-arm bowlers have taken 155 wickets.

Fielding Records and Team Performances

Fielding Highlights (2023):

  • Total Catches and Stumpings: Fielders have executed 59 catches and 2 stumpings. Additionally, there have been 2 direct throw run-outs and 5 throw run-outs.

Team Performances in IPL 2023:

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad: Despite being eliminated from the tournament, SRH has shown competitive spirit. Key players like Heinrich Klaasen and Bhuvneshwar Kumar have been instrumental in their performances.
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: RCB has demonstrated robust performances with Faf du Plessis leading in batting and Mohammed Siraj in bowling.
  • Head-to-Head Records: In matches between SRH and RCB, SRH leads with 12 wins out of 21 games.

Recent Match Highlights and Trends

Latest Match Insights:

  • SRH vs RCB (2023): RCB’s highest total against SRH is 227, while SRH’s highest is 231. RCB’s lowest total is 68, and SRH’s is 125.
  • SRH vs DC (2023): DC’s highest total against SRH is 207, and their lowest is 80. For SRH, the highest total against DC is 219, and the lowest is 44.

Pitch and Playing Trends:

  • High Scoring Nature: The stadium has consistently seen high-scoring matches, with the average first innings total in IPL 2023 being 179.3.
  • Winning Tendencies: Teams batting second have won 38 out of 67 matches, indicating a preference for chasing at this venue.

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Fan Experience and Stadium Atmosphere

Spectator Engagement:

  • The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, with passionate fans cheering for their favorite teams and players.
  • The modern facilities and amenities enhance the overall experience for spectators, making it a sought-after destination for cricket enthusiasts.

Cultural Impact:

  • The stadium has not only hosted memorable cricket matches but has also been a venue for significant cultural events, adding to its prestige and importance in Hyderabad.

Technological Advancements:

  • Innovations in broadcasting and live screening have made watching matches at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium a technologically advanced and immersive experience.

Final Words

In summary, the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium stands out as a premier IPL venue, combining high-scoring matches, exceptional individual and team performances, and an electrifying atmosphere. Its pitch conditions favor both batsmen and bowlers, offering a balanced cricketing experience. The stadium’s legacy in the IPL continues to grow with each passing season, making it a cornerstone of the tournament’s history and a favorite among cricket fans worldwide.

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