ODI crickert world cup 2023 records

ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 Records: The Complete Stats

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, held in India, has been a spectacular display of cricketing prowess, setting new benchmarks and breaking several long-standing records. This tournament has not only captivated fans worldwide but also rewritten the history books, highlighting the evolving landscape of international cricket. Here is a look at some phenomenal records in the ODI World Cup 2023.

ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 Records: All The Stats You Need to Know

Individual Player Achievements

Rohit Sharma’s Records

  • Most Sixes in ODI in a Calendar Year: With 59 sixes, Rohit Sharma broke the previous record set by AB de Villiers in 2015.
  • First Player with 500+ Runs in Consecutive ODI World Cups: Sharma scored over 500 runs in both the 2019 and 2023 editions, joining Sachin Tendulkar as the only players to achieve this feat more than once.
  • Most Runs by an Indian Captain in a Single World Cup: Sharma’s 597 runs in 2023 surpassed Sourav Ganguly’s 2003 record.
  • Most Sixes as a Captain in a Single ODI World Cup: He hit 23 sixes in the 2023 edition, breaking Eoin Morgan’s record from 2019.
  • Joint-Fastest to 1000 Runs in Cricket World Cups: Sharma reached this milestone in 19 innings, equalling David Warner’s record.
  • Most Hundreds by a Player in Cricket World Cups: With seven centuries, Sharma surpassed Sachin Tendulkar’s record.
  • Most Hundreds in Second Innings in Cricket World Cups: He has three such hundreds to his name.
  • Most International Sixes Across All Formats: Sharma hit 556 sixes, surpassing Chris Gayle’s record.

Virat Kohli’s Achievements

  • Third-Highest Number of 50+ Scores in a Single ODI World Cup: Tied with Shakib Al Hasan and Sachin Tendulkar, Kohli achieved this feat in the 2023 edition.
  • Equalled Sourav Ganguly’s Tally of Most ODI Fifties by an Indian: Kohli’s 71 ODI half-centuries equal Ganguly’s record.
  • Leading Run-Scorer of ODI World Cup 2023: With 765 runs, Kohli topped the run-scoring charts.
  • Most Runs in Successful ODI Chases: Kohli surpassed Sachin Tendulkar’s record, accumulating over 5500 runs in successful chases.

Team Records and Highlights

South Africa’s Monumental Records

  • Highest Total in ODI World Cup History: South Africa set a new record with a total of 428/5 against Sri Lanka.
  • Part of the Highest Aggregate Runs in a Single World Cup Match: The match between South Africa and Sri Lanka saw a combined total of 754 runs, a record in World Cup history.

Pakistan’s Record-Breaking Achievements

  • Biggest Successful Chase in World Cup History: Pakistan successfully chased down 345 runs against Sri Lanka, marking the highest successful run chase in the tournament’s history.
  • Most Consecutive Wins Against Sri Lanka: Pakistan now has the most consecutive wins against Sri Lanka in World Cup history, highlighting their dominance over this particular opponent.

Additional Team Achievements

  • Australia’s Noteworthy Chases: Australia also made headlines with a significant run chase, successfully pursuing 307 runs against Bangladesh.
  • Afghanistan’s Remarkable Chase: Afghanistan achieved an impressive feat by chasing down 293 runs, underscoring their growing prowess in international cricket.
  • Notable Defenses:
    • The Netherlands successfully defended a total of 229 runs against Bangladesh, showcasing their bowling strength.
    • India defended a total of 229/9 against England, emphasizing their ability to win in tight situations.

Historic Firsts and Milestones

  • Mitchell Starc’s Record: Australian pacer Mitchell Starc became the quickest to reach 50 wickets in Cricket World Cups, achieving this feat in 19 innings.
  • Aiden Markram’s Fastest Century: South African batter Aiden Markram scored the fastest century in World Cup history, reaching the milestone in just 49 balls.

Unprecedented Records and Their Impact

The World Cup 2023 has been a groundbreaking event in the history of cricket, marked by numerous unprecedented records:

  1. Highest Match Aggregates:
    • Australia vs New Zealand: A colossal total of 771 runs, the highest aggregate in a single match.
    • South Africa vs Sri Lanka: An aggregate of 754 runs, showcasing the batting depth and prowess of both teams.
  2. Largest Winning Margins by Runs:
    • Australia’s 309-run victory over the Netherlands set a new benchmark for dominance in a match.
    • India’s 302-run triumph against Sri Lanka demonstrated their sheer batting and bowling strength.
  3. Largest Winning Margins by Wickets:
    • New Zealand’s 9-wicket win over England, exemplifying their clinical chase strategy.
    • Multiple 8-wicket victories, including those by Bangladesh and India, reflect the efficiency in chasing targets.
  4. Largest Winning Margins by Balls Remaining:
    • New Zealand winning with 160 balls remaining against Sri Lanka, a testament to their efficient run chase.
    • India’s 117-ball remaining win against Pakistan, showcasing their ability to dominate crucial fixtures.


Analyzing The Evolving Dynamics of Modern Cricket

These records illustrate the evolving dynamics of modern cricket. The substantial increases in match aggregates and winning margins reflect the aggressive batting strategies and the emphasis on high scoring. Teams are now more focused on building deep batting lineups capable of chasing or setting imposing totals. This shift has led to more exciting, high-scoring games, attracting a broader audience and elevating the sport’s global appeal.

The large winning margins also highlight the disparity between teams, suggesting a need for more balanced competition. These records set during the World Cup 2023 will likely influence future tournaments, with teams striving to emulate these achievements.

The Future of Cricket

Looking forward, ODI cricket world cup 2023 records are likely to have a lasting impact on the sport. They may lead to changes in team strategies, with a greater focus on nurturing aggressive batsmen and versatile bowlers who can adapt to different game situations. Additionally, these records could influence the development of young players, who now have new benchmarks to aspire to.

Final Takeaway

To summarize, the World Cup 2023 has not only provided unforgettable moments but also set new standards that will shape the future of cricket. The records broken during this tournament reflect the sport’s continuous evolution and growing excitement, promising an even more thrilling future for cricket fans around the world.

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