Do you know the players who hold the record of top 10 longest sixes in IPL history? If not, read this article to know about biggest IPL sixes.

Top 10 Longest Sixes in IPL History – Biggest IPL Sixes

IPL is the biggest T20 league in the world that is famous for quality T20 cricket. This is a league where top cricketing legends play for 10 different teams and that’s why it is the most popular and entertaining T20 league. When top players from different countries play in such a league, it’s obvious that some high and mighty shots will be seen. So here I am going to tell you about the top 10 longest sixes in IPL history that are always remembered by the IPL fans.

Top 10 Longest Sixes in IPL History (2008-2023)

Here are the biggest IPL sixes from its origin in 2008 till the last season of 2023.

  1. Albie Morkel – 125 meters (2008, Chennai Super Kings)

    Albie Morkel holds the record for the IPL’s longest six, a 125-meter hit against Deccan Chargers.

  2. Praveen Kumar – 124 meters (2013, Kings XI Punjab)

    Medium-pacer Praveen Kumar hit a 124-meter six, the longest by an Indian player in the IPL.

  3. Adam Gilchrist – 122 meters (2011, Kings XI Punjab)

    Adam Gilchrist, known for his aggressive batting, hit a 122-meter six, a record by a wicket-keeper in IPL history.

  4. Robin Uthappa – 120 meters (2010, Royal Challengers Bangalore)

    Robin Uthappa smashed a 120-meter six, showcasing his ability to switch from timing to power.

  5. Chris Gayle – 119 meters (2013, Royal Challengers Bangalore)

    Chris Gayle, with the most number of sixes in IPL, hit his longest, a 119-meter six, in 2013.

  6. Yuvraj Singh – 119 meters (2009, Kings XI Punjab)

    Yuvraj Singh, the ‘sixer king’, smashed a 119-meter-long six in 2009.

  7. Ross Taylor – 119 meters (2008, Royal Challengers Bangalore)

    Ross Taylor’s 119-meter hit in 2008 places him seventh on this list.

  8. Ben Cutting – 117 meters (2016, Sunrisers Hyderabad)

    Australian all-rounder Ben Cutting hit a 117-meter six in 2016.

  9. Gautam Gambhir – 117 meters (2013, Kolkata Knight Riders)

    Gautam Gambhir, known for his captaincy, recorded a 117-meter six in 2013.

  10. MS Dhoni – 115 meters (2009, Chennai Super Kings)
    MS Dhoni, one of the most successful IPL captains, hit a 115-meter six in 2009.

Source: IPLT20

Year-wise Longest Sixes in IPL (2008-2022)

A table showcasing the year-wise longest sixes from 2008 to 2022:

Year Player Name Team Distance (in meters)
2008 Albie Morkel Chennai Super Kings 125
2009 Yuvraj Singh Kings XI Punjab 119
2010 Robin Uthappa Royal Challengers Bangalore 120
2011 Adam Gilchrist Kings XI Punjab 122
2012 MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings 112
2013 Praveen Kumar Kings XI Punjab 124
2014 David Miller Kings XI Punjab 102
2015 AB de Villiers Royal Challengers Bangalore 108
2016 Ben Cutting Sunrisers Hyderabad 117
2017 Travis Head Royal Challengers Bangalore 109
2018 AB de Villiers Royal Challengers Bangalore 111
2019 MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings 111
2020 Nicholas Pooran Kings XI Punjab 106
2021 Ruturaj Gaikwad Chennai Super Kings 108
2022 Liam Livingstone Punjab Kings 117

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Memorable Matches Involving Monumental Sixes

  1. Albie Morkel’s 125-Meter Hit (2008)
    • In a high-octane match between Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers, Morkel’s six off Pragyan Ojha’s bowling was a standout moment, symbolizing the dawn of a new era in T20 cricket.
  2. Praveen Kumar’s 124-Meter Six (2013)
    • Kumar’s unexpected power-hitting display for Kings XI Punjab against a strong opponent was a highlight of the season, showcasing the unpredictability of T20 matches.
  3. Chris Gayle’s 119-Meter Six (2013)
    • Part of an explosive inning where Gayle dominated the bowling attack, his six was a defining moment in a match where Royal Challengers Bangalore showcased their batting prowess.
  4. MS Dhoni’s 115-Meter Six (2009)
    • Dhoni’s six for Chennai Super Kings in a crucial match underlined his reputation as a finisher, dramatically shifting the game’s momentum in his team’s favor.

Statistics and Comparisons of Longest Sixes in IPL

  • Comparative Analysis
    • When comparing the longest sixes across seasons, a clear trend of increasing power-hitting is evident. For instance, the inaugural season’s longest six was 125 meters, while recent seasons have consistently seen sixes over 110 meters.
  • Total Sixes by Players
    • Chris Gayle leads with a record number of sixes in IPL (357), showing his consistent power-hitting across seasons. Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni also feature prominently on this list, underlining their roles as key power hitters for their teams.
  • Team Comparisons
    • Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings emerge as teams with multiple entries in the top ten longest sixes. This statistic highlights their focus on aggressive batting strategies and recruitment of power hitters.
  • Six-Hitting Trends Over the Years
    • An analysis of six-hitting trends reveals a gradual increase in the frequency and distance of sixes, reflecting advancements in batting techniques and fitness levels of players.

Final Words

The longest sixes in the IPL not only add an element of thrill but also showcase the evolving dynamics of batting in T20 cricket. These monumental hits are not just about the distance; they symbolize crucial moments in matches, often changing the game’s outcome. As the league evolves, it continues to be a platform where batting legends are made, and memorable cricketing moments are etched in history.

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