top 10 lowest scores in IPL history

Top 10 Lowest Scores in IPL History: Lowest Team Totals

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned for its thrilling cricket matches, featuring some of the world’s best players. However, it’s not just high scores that make the headlines; some matches are memorable for their surprisingly low totals. Here’s a detailed look at the top 10 lowest scores in IPL history, offering insights into the games and the teams involved.

Top 10 Lowest Scores in IPL History

Position Team Score Opponent Date Venue Overs
1 Royal Challengers Bangalore 49 Kolkata Knight Riders 23-Apr-17 Kolkata 9.4
2 Rajasthan Royals 58 Royal Challengers Bangalore 18-Apr-09 Cape Town 15.1
3 Rajasthan Royals 59 Royal Challengers Bangalore 14-May-23 Bangalore 10.3
4 Delhi Daredevils (now Capitals) 66 Mumbai Indians 6-May-17 Delhi 13.4
5 Delhi Daredevils (now Capitals) 67 Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) 30-Apr-17 Mohali 17.1
6 Kolkata Knight Riders 67 Mumbai Indians 16-May-08 Mumbai 15.2
7 Royal Challengers Bangalore 68 Sunrisers Hyderabad 23-Apr-22 Hyderabad 16.1
8 Royal Challengers Bangalore 70 Chennai Super Kings 23-Mar-19 Chennai 17.1
9 Royal Challengers Bangalore 70 Rajasthan Royals 26-Apr-14 Abu Dhabi 15
10 Kings XI Punjab 73 Rising Pune Supergiant 14-May-17 Pune 15.5

1. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 49 vs. Kolkata Knight Riders (2017)

  • Date: 23-Apr-17
  • Venue: Kolkata
  • Overs: 9.4
  • Details: In a match that saw RCB bowled out for the lowest score in IPL history, no batsman reached double digits. The team crumbled under the pressure of Kolkata’s bowling, marking a significant low in the franchise’s IPL journey.

2. Rajasthan Royals – 58 vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore (2009)

  • Date: 18-Apr-09
  • Venue: Cape Town
  • Overs: 15.1
  • Highlights: This match was part of the IPL’s South African sojourn. Rajasthan Royals, despite a strong lineup, were dismantled by RCB’s bowling attack, setting one of the lowest totals in IPL history.

3. Rajasthan Royals – 59 vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore (2023)

  • Date: 14-May-23
  • Venue: Bangalore
  • Overs: 10.3
  • Context: In a crucial match, RR failed to chase a target of 172. The top order collapsed early, leading to one of the lowest scores in the IPL’s recent years.

4. Delhi Daredevils – 66 vs. Mumbai Indians (2017)

  • Date: 6-May-17
  • Venue: Delhi
  • Overs: 13.4
  • Analysis: Delhi, now known as Delhi Capitals, faced a catastrophic collapse against Mumbai Indians. Despite a modest target set by Mumbai, Delhi’s batting lineup faltered, managing only 66 runs.

5. Delhi Daredevils – 67 vs. Kings XI Punjab (2017)

  • Date: 30-Apr-17
  • Venue: Mohali
  • Overs: 17.1
  • Key Players: Sandeep Sharma was the standout bowler for Punjab, taking four crucial wickets and leading his team to a dominant victory.

6. Kolkata Knight Riders – 67 vs. Mumbai Indians (2008)

  • Date: 16-May-08
  • Venue: Mumbai
  • Overs: 15.2
  • Impact: In the inaugural IPL season, KKR’s batting lineup, including some big names, was unable to cope with Mumbai’s bowling attack, leading to a disappointing total of 67.

7. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 68 vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad (2022)

  • Date: 23-Apr-22
  • Venue: Hyderabad
  • Overs: 16.1
  • Overview: This match is remembered for RCB’s inability to handle the Sunrisers’ bowling. The team’s batting order collapsed, registering one of the lowest totals in recent years.

8. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 70 vs. Chennai Super Kings (2019)

  • Date: 23-Mar-19
  • Venue: Chennai
  • Overs: 17.1
  • Synopsis: In a match dominated by CSK’s bowlers, RCB struggled throughout their innings, resulting in a total that was easy for Chennai to chase down.

9. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 70 vs. Rajasthan Royals (2014)

  • Date: 26-Apr-14
  • Venue: Abu Dhabi
  • Overs: 15
  • Repercussions: This match was part of the UAE leg of the IPL. RCB’s performance was lackluster, with the team failing to build any significant partnerships.

10. Kings XI Punjab – 73 vs. Rising Pune Supergiant (2017)

  • Date: 14-May-17
  • Venue: Pune
  • Overs: 15.5
  • Recap: Kings XI Punjab’s batting order couldn’t withstand the pressure from Pune’s bowlers, leading to one of the lowest scores of that season.


To Conclude

These matches highlight the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket, where even the strongest teams can falter unexpectedly. The list includes some of the most dramatic collapses in IPL history, showcasing the pressure and intensity of the tournament. Each game had its unique circumstances, but they all share the distinction of being among the lowest scores in IPL history.

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