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Narendra Modi Stadium: Cricket Records and Interesting Details

The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, represents the zenith of cricket architecture. Established originally as the Sardar Patel Stadium in 1982 and transformed in 2020, it now stands as the world’s largest cricket stadium with a staggering capacity of over 130,000 spectators​​.

Historical Evolution and Design

The stadium’s reinvention from its original structure to its current grandeur is a story of visionary planning and execution. The project, championed by Narendra Modi, saw the involvement of the Australian firm Populous and Larsen & Toubro, ensuring an innovative design free from obstructive pillars and equipped with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system​​.

Stadium Features: Beyond Cricket

The Narendra Modi Stadium is not just for cricket; it’s a comprehensive sports complex with:

  • Corporate Boxes: 76 boxes, each with a seating capacity of 25.
  • Athlete Facilities: Dormitory for 40 athletes, six indoor practice pitches, and three outdoor fields.
  • Fan Amenities: A 55-room clubhouse and an Olympic-size swimming pool.
  • Technological Innovations: Advanced LED lighting, grass water sensors, and automated sprinklers​​​​.

Narendra Modi Stadium Records: All Records Across All Formats

The stadium has been a witness to numerous cricket records. Here are all the records at Narendra Modi stadium across Test, ODI and T20.

Test Cricket Records

  • Total Matches: 15
  • Matches Won Batting First: 4
  • Matches Won Bowling First: 4
  • Draw: 7
  • Average 1st Innings Score: 347.53
  • Average 2nd Innings Score: 353.06
  • Average 3rd Innings Score: 232.06
  • Average 4th Innings Score: 147.78
  • Highest Total: 760/7d by Sri Lanka vs India in 2009
  • Lowest Total: 76 by India vs South Africa in 2008​​

One Day International (ODI) Records

  • Total Matches: 26
  • Matches Won Batting First: 14
  • Matches Won Bowling First: 12
  • Average 1st Innings Score: 242
  • Average 2nd Innings Score: 212
  • Highest Total: 365/2 by South Africa vs India in 2010
  • Lowest Total: 85 by Zimbabwe vs West Indies in 2006
  • Highest Total Chased: 325/5 by India vs West Indies in 2002
  • Lowest Total Defended: 193 by India vs Australia in 1986​​

Twenty20 International (T20I) Records

  • Total Matches: 7
  • Matches Won Batting First: 4
  • Matches Won Bowling First: 3
  • Average 1st Innings Score: 183
  • Average 2nd Innings Score: 152
  • Highest Total: 234/4 by India vs New Zealand in 2023
  • Lowest Total: 66 by New Zealand vs India in 2023
  • Highest Score Chased: 166/3 by India vs England in 2021
  • Lowest Score Defended: 107/7 by West Indies Women vs India Women in 2011​​

Individual Records:

  • Highest Individual Score: 152* by Devon Conway
  • Best Bowling Figures: 9-3-12-4 by Prasidh Krishna in 2022​​

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Cricketing Milestones: A Stage for Legends

The Narendra Modi Stadium has hosted pivotal matches, including ICC World Cups (1987, 1996, 2011) and is set to host the 2023 ICC World Cup final. This stadium has witnessed historic feats like Sachin Tendulkar’s 30,000 international runs milestone and AB de Villiers’ remarkable double-century against India. Its pitch has consistently offered a balance between bat and ball, making it a favorite among players and fans alike.

Fan Experience and Accessibility

Designed with fans in mind, the Narendra Modi Stadium offers unobstructed views from any seat, thanks to its pillarless design. The stadium’s accessibility is enhanced by multiple entry points and a vast parking area, capable of accommodating thousands of vehicles. The incorporation of modern amenities, including diverse food courts and hospitality areas, ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for spectators.

Community and Cultural Impact

Beyond cricket, the Narendra Modi Stadium serves as a cultural landmark and community hub. It has hosted significant non-cricket events, including the “Namaste Trump” event, demonstrating its versatility as a venue. The stadium’s design and capacity make it an ideal location for large-scale events, contributing significantly to the local economy and cultural landscape.

Final Takeaway

The Narendra Modi Stadium is more than just a cricket ground; it’s a symbol of India’s commitment to excellence in sports infrastructure. It stands as a beacon of innovation, community engagement, and sporting spirit. As it continues to host significant cricketing events and contribute to the cultural fabric of Ahmedabad, the Narendra Modi Stadium remains a shining example of India’s passion for cricket and its pursuit of world-class facilities.

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