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Top 10 Fastest Balls in IPL 2022: Who is the Fastest?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned for its high-octane cricket, where pace bowlers play a crucial role. The 2022 season was particularly notable for some of the fastest deliveries ever recorded in the league’s history. This article provides a detailed view of the top 10 fastest balls in IPL 2022, highlighting the bowlers who made a significant impact with their speed.

Lockie Ferguson and Umran Malik: The Pace Spearheads

Lockie Ferguson’s Record-Breaking Spell

Lockie Ferguson, representing the Gujarat Titans, unleashed the fastest delivery of IPL 2022. In the high-stakes final match, he clocked a staggering 157.3 kmph against Rajasthan Royals, setting a new benchmark for speed in the tournament.

Umran Malik’s Consistent Pace Barrage

Umran Malik of Sunrisers Hyderabad emerged as a pace sensation, consistently delivering some of the fastest balls of the season. His best was a jaw-dropping 157 kmph against Delhi Capitals. He also recorded speeds of 155.6 kmph and 154.8 kmph, showcasing his ability to consistently bowl at high speeds.

The Top 10 Fastest Balls in IPL 2022

  1. Lockie Ferguson (Gujarat Titans) – 157.3 kmph: Ferguson’s record-breaking delivery in the final highlighted his exceptional pace and skill.
  2. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 157 kmph: Malik’s fastest delivery against Delhi Capitals showcased his raw pace and potential.
  3. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 155.6 kmph: Another blistering delivery by Malik, highlighting his dominance in the speed department.
  4. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 154.8 kmph: Consistently breaking the 150 kmph barrier, Malik’s performance was a highlight of the season.
  5. Lockie Ferguson (Gujarat Titans) – 154.4 kmph: Not far behind his record delivery, Ferguson’s 154.4 kmph ball was another testament to his speed.
  6. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 153.3 kmph: Malik again, with another delivery soaring past 150 kmph.
  7. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 153.1 kmph: Showcasing his capability to maintain extraordinary speeds across matches.
  8. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 152.9 kmph: Consistency and pace, a hallmark of Malik’s 2022 IPL campaign.
  9. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 152.6 kmph: Yet another fast delivery from the young sensation.
  10. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad) – 152.4 kmph: Completing the top 10 list, Malik’s 152.4 kmph delivery was another example of his exceptional talent.

The Impact of Speed in T20 Cricket

The presence of such high-velocity deliveries in IPL 2022 not only thrilled the audience but also changed the dynamics of the game. Fast bowlers like Ferguson and Malik challenged batsmen with their pace, often leading to crucial wickets or dot balls. Their ability to consistently bowl at such speeds added an extra edge to their team’s bowling attack, proving to be a decisive factor in many matches.

The Evolution of Pace Bowling in IPL

Over the years, IPL has witnessed a significant evolution in pace bowling. The 2022 season, with its array of fast deliveries, underscored this trend. Bowlers are now focusing more on speed, coupled with accuracy, to outwit some of the best batsmen in the world. This evolution reflects the changing strategies in T20 cricket, where pace can be as lethal as spin or swing.


Last Words

The 2022 IPL season will be remembered for its breathtaking pace bowling, with the likes of Lockie Ferguson and Umran Malik redefining the limits of speed. Their deliveries not only entertained but also highlighted the growing importance of fast bowlers in T20 cricket. As the IPL continues to evolve, the role of pace bowlers is likely to become even more pivotal, shaping the future of this thrilling format of the game.

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