highest wicket takers in IPL 2022

Top 10 Highest Wicket Takers in IPL 2022

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 was a testament to the incredible bowling talent in the world of cricket. This article delves deep into the performances of the top 10 highest wicket-takers in IPL 2022, providing a comprehensive overview of their journey, skills, and pivotal moments.

Top 10 Highest Wicket Takers in IPL 2022

Rank Player Name Team Matches Played Wickets Taken Economy Rate
1 Yuzvendra Chahal Rajasthan Royals 15 26 7.67
2 Wanindu Hasaranga Royal Challengers Bangalore 14 24 7.38
3 Kagiso Rabada Punjab Kings 13 23 8.45
4 Umran Malik Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 22 9.03
5 Kuldeep Yadav Delhi Capitals 14 21 8.44
6 Josh Hazelwood Royal Challengers Bangalore 12 20 8.10
7 Mohammad Shami Gujarat Titans 16 20 8.00
8 Harshal Patel Royal Challengers Bangalore 15 19 7.66
9 Rashid Khan Gujarat Titans 16 19 6.59
10 Prasidh Krishna Rajasthan Royals 17 19 8.28

1. Yuzvendra Chahal (Rajasthan Royals)

  • Wickets: 26 in 15 matches
  • Economy Rate: 7.67
  • Impactful Performance: Chahal’s spellbinding leg-spin bowling, characterized by significant turn and deception, was the cornerstone of Rajasthan Royals’ bowling attack. His ability to outfox batsmen in crucial overs, especially during the middle phase of the innings, played a key role in his team’s journey to the playoffs.

2. Wanindu Hasaranga (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

  • Wickets: 24 in 14 matches
  • Economy Rate: 7.38
  • Key Contribution: Hasaranga, a Sri Lankan leg-spinner, brought a unique blend of aggression and control to the RCB bowling unit. His variations in pace and flight helped him in scalping key wickets, often breaking partnerships at critical junctures of the game.

3. Kagiso Rabada (Punjab Kings)

  • Wickets: 23 in 13 matches
  • Economy Rate: 8.45
  • Standout Feature: Rabada, known for his express pace and pinpoint accuracy, was a force to reckon with. His ability to deliver yorkers in the death overs and extract bounce on different pitches made him a nightmare for batsmen.

4. Umran Malik (Sunrisers Hyderabad)

  • Wickets: 22 in 14 matches
  • Economy Rate: 9.03
  • Breakthrough Season: Malik, one of the revelations of the season, stunned everyone with his sheer pace, often clocking above 150 kmph. His raw speed, combined with an improving line and length, made him a valuable asset for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

5. Kuldeep Yadav (Delhi Capitals)

  • Wickets: 21 in 14 matches
  • Economy Rate: 8.44
  • Comeback Story: Yadav’s left-arm wrist spin was instrumental in Delhi Capitals’ campaign. After a couple of underwhelming seasons, 2022 marked his return to form, as he effectively used his googlies and flippers to outsmart the batsmen.

6. Josh Hazelwood (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

  • Wickets: 20 in 12 matches
  • Economy Rate: 8.10
  • Consistent Performer: The Australian pacer, known for his disciplined line and length, was a consistent wicket-taker for RCB. Hazelwood’s ability to swing the ball and execute plans in the death overs added depth to the team’s bowling attack.

7. Mohammad Shami (Gujarat Titans)

  • Wickets: 20 in 16 matches
  • Economy Rate: 8.00
  • Veteran’s Edge: Shami’s experience and mastery in seam bowling were evident throughout the season. Playing for the debutant team Gujarat Titans, his early breakthroughs often set the tone for the matches.

8. Harshal Patel (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

  • Wickets: 19 in 15 matches
  • Economy Rate: 7.66
  • Variation Specialist: Patel, known for his slower balls and cutters, was adept at deceiving batsmen in the slog overs. His clever variations and ability to bowl under pressure were crucial for RCB in tight situations.

9. Rashid Khan (Gujarat Titans)

  • Wickets: 19 in 16 matches
  • Economy Rate: 6.59
  • Spin Wizardry: Rashid’s leg-spin, characterized by a quick arm action and sharp turn, continued to bamboozle batsmen. He was not just a wicket-taker but also exceptionally economical, throttling the run flow in the middle overs.

10. Prasidh Krishna (Rajasthan Royals)

  • Wickets: 19 in 17 matches
  • Economy Rate: 8.28
  • Emerging Talent: Krishna, known for his pace and bounce, emerged as a reliable bowler for the Royals. His ability to bowl at different stages of the innings, especially in the powerplays and death, made him an integral part of the team.


Final Words

The IPL 2022 season redefined the role of bowlers in T20 cricket, with the top 10 highest wicket takers playing significant roles in their teams’ strategies and successes. This lineup, featuring a balanced mix of spin and pace, underscores the evolving nature of bowling in the shortest format of the game. Their performances not only provided enthralling entertainment but also highlighted the tactical depth and skill required in modern-day cricket. The significant contributions of these bowlers, often turning games around, reinforced the adage that while batsmen win you games, bowlers win you tournaments.

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