Ravi Bishnoi IPL salary

Ravi Bishnoi’s IPL salary: Complete Details and Salary Comparison

Ravi Bishnoi, a promising talent in Indian cricket, has been making waves in the Indian Premier League (IPL). His journey from a debutant to a sought-after player in the IPL encapsulates his growing prominence in the cricketing world. This article will explore Ravi Bishnoi IPL salary, focusing on his early career, IPL debut, and the evolution of his salary in the league.

Early Career and IPL Debut

Ravi Bishnoi, born on September 5, 2000, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, emerged as a talented leg-spin bowler. He gained recognition in domestic cricket circuits, paving his way to the IPL. Bishnoi made his IPL debut in 2020, joining the ranks of young players to watch in the league. His initial performances showcased his potential, setting the stage for a promising career in the IPL.

Ravi Bishnoi IPL Salary Evolution

Bishnoi’s IPL salary trajectory reflects his growing stature in the league. Starting with the Punjab Kings (formerly Punjab Kings XI), he was bought for ₹2 crores in 2020 and continued with the same team in 2021 for the same amount. His performance with the Punjab Kings highlighted his capabilities, leading to a significant salary jump in the subsequent seasons.

In 2022, Bishnoi’s career took a turn as he was acquired by the Lucknow Super Giants for ₹4 crores. This move not only marked a new chapter in his career but also doubled his salary from the previous seasons. The same salary was retained for the 2023 season, consolidating his position as a valuable player in the team.

Performance Analysis and Salary Justification

Throughout his IPL career, Bishnoi has played 52 matches, taking 53 wickets with an average of 27.26 and an economy rate of around 7.59 runs per over. His best bowling figures stand at 3/24. These statistics underscore his effectiveness as a bowler and justify the increase in his salary over the years.

In 2023, Ravi Bishnoi IPL salary was set at ₹40,000,000, a testament to his growing importance in the Lucknow Super Giants. His total IPL income reached ₹120,000,000, indicating his rising market value in the league.

Ravi Bishnoi IPL Salary Comparison with Other IPL Players

To provide a comprehensive comparison of Ravi Bishnoi’s IPL salary with other prominent players in the 2023 season, let’s examine the top earners and their respective salaries:

  1. Sam Curran (Punjab Kings): ₹185 million ($2.26 million)
  2. Cameron Green (Mumbai Indians): ₹175 million ($2.14 million)
  3. KL Rahul (Lucknow Super Giants): ₹170 million ($2 million)
  4. Ben Stokes (Chennai Super Kings): ₹162.5 million ($1.98 million)
  5. Nicholas Pooran (Lucknow Super Giants): ₹160 million ($1.95 million)
  6. Ravindra Jadeja (Chennai Super Kings): ₹160 million ($1.95 million)
  7. Rishabh Pant (Delhi Capitals): ₹160 million ($1.95 million)
  8. Andre Russell (Kolkata Knight Riders): ₹160 million ($1.95 million)
  9. Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians): ₹160 million ($1.95 million)
  10. Ishan Kishan (Mumbai Indians): ₹152.5 million ($1.86 million)
  11. Hardik Pandya (Gujarat Titans): ₹150 million ($1.8 million)
  12. Rashid Khan (Gujarat Titans): ₹150 million ($1.8 million)
  13. Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers): ₹150 million ($1.8 million)
  14. Sanju Samson (Rajasthan Royals): ₹140 million ($1.7 million)
  15. Deepak Chahar (Chennai Super Kings): ₹140 million ($1.7 million)
  16. Harry Brook (Sunrisers Hyderabad): ₹132.5 million ($1.6 million)
  17. Shreyas Iyer (Kolkata Knight Riders): ₹122.5 million ($1.5 million)
  18. Varun Chakravarthy (Kolkata Knight Riders): ₹120 million ($1.45 million)
  19. Jasprit Bumrah (Mumbai Indians): ₹120 million ($1.45 million)
  20. Axar Patel (Delhi Capitals): ₹120 million ($1.45 million)​​

Ravi Bishnoi’s salary for the 2023 IPL season is ₹40 million, placing him significantly lower than the top earners. While not among the highest earners, his salary reflects his potential and importance to his team. Comparatively, top earners like Sam Curran and Cameron Green command salaries over four times higher than Bishnoi’s, indicating their established status and market demand in the league.

Financial Impact and Market Value

Bishnoi’s increasing salary over the years signifies his escalating market value in the IPL. It also mirrors the financial impact he has on his team’s performance. As teams invest more in players like Bishnoi, they expect significant returns in terms of match-winning performances, which Bishnoi has consistently delivered.

Future Prospects in IPL and International Cricket

Ravi Bishnoi, who had already shown his mettle in the IPL and U-19 World Cup by 2020, faced challenges in cementing his place in India’s T20I setup. Despite notable performances, including an impressive game against Pakistan in the Asia Cup with figures of 1-26 in four overs, Bishnoi has been on the fringes of the national team selection.

In the IPL, Bishnoi’s statistics stand out, especially his ability to bowl economical spells against top-quality batters, a critical skill in T20 cricket. His economy rate is below eight both in the IPL and T20 Internationals, highlighting his ability to limit scoring in high-pressure situations.

The 2023 season of the IPL presents Bishnoi with an opportunity to reassert his credentials and make a strong case for his return to the Indian T20I team. As a primary spin option for the Lucknow Super Giants, his performance could significantly influence his future in international cricket. With the next T20 World Cup in sight, Bishnoi’s showing in the IPL could be pivotal for his selection prospects.

Impact on IPL and Cricketing World

Bishnoi’s journey in the IPL, marked by his growing salary and on-field success, reflects the dynamic nature of the league in nurturing and showcasing emerging talent. His role in the Lucknow Super Giants underscores the importance of strategic player selection and investment in young talents in the league.

Moreover, Bishnoi’s case illustrates the interconnectedness of IPL performances and opportunities in international cricket. His ability to leverage IPL success into a national team berth highlights the league’s status as a proving ground for aspiring international cricketers.

The Takeaway

In summary, Ravi Bishnoi’s IPL journey, characterized by a steady rise in his salary and crucial contributions to his teams, presents an inspiring narrative of a young cricketer making his mark in one of the world’s most competitive leagues. His future in the IPL and potential return to the international arena will be keenly watched by cricket enthusiasts and experts alike, as he continues to prove his worth in the high-stakes world of T20 cricket.

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